Nerve Shield Plus Review – The Natural Neuropathy Pain Relieving Formula

Do you know about “peripheral neuropathy”? It is an extremely painful condition, which is worst if you are suffering from diabetes. This never-ending nerve pain in hands and feet makes life miserable. It feels like burning feeling, numbness and tingling, which confine a person to bed.

Nerve Shield Plus Updated Review

Here is a review of Nerve Shield Plus, which is a natural supplement to relieve neuropathic pain. It will help you to decide if this supplement is worth spending your money or not.

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What Is Nerve Shield Plus?

Thomas Carswell’s Nerve Shield Plus is a herbal, gluten-free supplement that relieves nerve damage pain. It is made of traditional Chinese herbs and other clinically approved herbal ingredients, which repair the damage. It is a side-effect free experience, which is suitable for everyone who needs it within 90 days of use.

This supplement works on blood circulation to improve the structure of myelin sheaths and allows an uninterrupted transmitting of electrical impulses in the body. It also supports the body by adding antioxidants to it. It enables the body to have a better inflammatory response, and immunity.

Development of Nerve Shield Plus

The creator of the program is named as Thomas Carswell. He shares his story of creating this incredible formula on the official website of this product. One of his family members was suffering from a condition that might have ended with limb loss. This news was so shocking and scary that he decided to fight against it. The typical treatment methods for neuropathic pain are not 100% helpful. That is why switching to herbal medicine may improve the condition. Nerve Shield Plus was designed to have the following attributes.
Easy to use
Side effect-free
Easy to carry
Helpful against neuropathic pain

You will be surprised to know that many of the typical treatment methods don’t fulfill these standards. After struggling for years, the product was finally able to hit the market with the name Nerve Shield Plus. As described before, it is a dietary supplement so it doesn’t confuse it with medicine. Furthermore, it supports the central nervous system (CNS) and prevents any further nerve damage.

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Working of Nerve Shield Plus

This product promises to repair the damage of nerves, which often results in pain and uncomfortable movement. The natural ingredients inside this formula are helpful against all types of nerve damage. It protects the central nervous system and somatic nerves that have a direct role with nerve pain. It improves the following things.

  1. It improves blood circulation
  2. It delivers essential nutrients to all body cells
  3. It protects the structure of nerves and protects it
  4. It prevents from chronic inflammation
  5. It supports the peripheral nervous system

How to use Nerve Shield Plus?

Like any dietary supplement, you can take Nerve Shield Plus with water. Its standard dosage is only two capsules per day. It is better to consume it with a meal at any time of the day. Do not consume it on an empty stomach or with alcohol and carbonated drinks.
Consult your doctor before using this supplement if you are a pregnant or nursing mother, older age patient or have a compromised immune system. Do not consume it if you don’t experience any symptoms of neuropathy and/or underage person (below 18 years).
Complete ingredients list

Nerve Shield Plus uses a blend of B vitamins and many traditional Chinese herbs, which are proven for improving nerve cell functions. The list of Nerve Shield Plus ingredients is as below.

Vitamin B1
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Folic acid
Cang Zhu Rhizome extract
Huang Bai Bark extract
Turmeric root extract
Chinese skullcap root extract

Side Effects of Nerve Shield Plus

There are absolutely no side effects ever reported by any user of nerve shield plus till the date. It uses all-natural ingredients, which can not cause a reaction in the user. However, it is necessary to follow safe usage practices to avoid any undesirable effects. For example

Do not overdose.
Do not combine it with other dietary supplements.
Do not combine it with medicines.
Do not consume it with alcohol.
Do not use it with drugs.

Customer reviews and complaints

There are so many positive reviews of this product online that show users trust this product. No one has any complaints with Nerve Shield Plus. Note that Nerve shield plus is a dietary supplement; it is not a medicine that treats any condition. If you are diagnosed with a medical condition, seek help from a certified doctor. Do not use Nerve Shield Plus for any fatal disease.

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Pros and Cons


  • It uses all-natural ingredients inside it.
  • It contains turmeric, which improves blood circulation naturally.
  • Unlike other products, it strengthens the structure of the myelin sheath. This is because this formula uses B vitamins, particularly vitamin B6 and B12.
  • It fights against inflammation that is one of the biggest causes of pain.
  • It supports the nervous system as it has folic acid inside it, which helps in brain development.
  • It is gluten-free formula, which means a person with various sensitivities can also use it.


  • It is only available online and you wouldn’t find it in any local store or pharmacy.

Where to buy it?

Nerve Shield Plus is available online in different deals. You may pick any, which suits your budget. For now, there are three packages.

Buy one bottle for $69 (containing 60 capsules)
Buy three bottles at $59 per bottle
Buy six bottles on 65% off the price for $49 per bottle only

Money-back guarantee on every order

The manufacturer offers a 180-days money-back guarantee with every order of Nerve Shield Plus. If you don’t find it working good, you can request a refund and get your money back within 180 days.


Every purchaser of Nerve Shield Plus will get a bonus product. This free product is an e-guide “The Ultimate Blood Sugar Blueprint.” It explains how to meet optimal health standards naturally without any medicines or other type of help.


As per the information is written above, Nerve Shield Plus is definitely worth a try. It is a natural formula, which has no side effects. It promises to relieve nerve pain and prevents nerve damage in the future. Moreover, the product is quite affordable so everyone can buy one bottle of it to see if it helps them. In any case, you can avail of the money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work. So there is no loss of your hard-earned money. For more details on its ingredients, information


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